Dr Richard Peters

An expert in the field of occupational Health And wellbeing


After completing an undergraduate degree in Music at the University of Birmingham, Dr Peters  went  on to study Medicine at Guy's King's St Thomas' Medical and Dental School. After  qualifying as a doctor, he  worked in a variety of medical and surgical specialities at London based hospitals before choosing to specialise in the field of  Occupational Medicine.

He  has  worked  in  various  roles  in  both  the  private  and  public  sector  as  an  Occupational  Health  Physician,  Company  Medical  Advisor  and  Chief  Medical  Officer. During  his  career, Dr  Peters  has been instrumental in orchestrating large optimisation, recovery and change programmes.  He  describes  himself  as  a   ‘game changer’, an ‘implementer’ and a ‘strategic thinker’, establishing new ways of successfully delivering, implementing and monitoring complex projects on time, within budget, in a safety critical setting and devolved environment. He  is pragmatic in his  approach to problem solving, often finding feasible solutions whilst working collaboratively with others. He  has  also received extensive positive feedback around his  approach to strategy design and stakeholder engagement.    

Dr  Peters  currenltly  holds  the  prestigious  position  of  Chief  Medical  Officer  at  Network  Rail.  As  Chief  Medical  Officer,  he  leads  the   Health, Wellbeing and Ergonomic  functions,  however,  his  knowledge extends into other areas by supporting and working with other business functions such as HR, Procurement, Finance, Enterprise Risk, Rewards and Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion, Environment, Quality, Standards, Accident Safety Reporting and Analytics.   Most importantly, he  acknowledges the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance, including the implementation of robust standards, policies and procedures. 

Dr  Peters  is   equally passionate about research, teaching and education to enable all staff to return ‘Home Safe Every Day’ and a ‘Workforce Fit for the Future’.   His  most  recent  research  has been published and used nationally to improve outcomes in NHS hospitals  for  sharps  and  body  fluid  injuries.  Dr  Peters  also  enjoys  teaching  and  lecturing  on  an  array  of  topics  to  both  employees,  managers  and  students.    He  is  often  asked  to  present  at  national  conferences,  some of  which  have  included  the RSSB Annual Health and Safety, Elevate, Health and Wellbeing at Work, and Society and Faculty of Occupational Medicine conferences.  

Dr  Peters  is  an  Affiliating Diplomate at the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) and  holds  Graduate  Membership  with  the  Institute  of  Safety  and  Health  (IOSH).    He  holds  full  registration  with  the  General  Medical  Council.  (GMC)  and  partakes  in  annual  appraisals  to  remain  revalidated   as  a  doctor.    

Outside  of  his  Network  Rail  role,  he is an  Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer   at UCL Medical School,   has   consultant practicing  privileges  at  the  HCA  Wellington Hospital, Chair of the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Occupational Health Specialist Advisory Committee, and  a committee member at the RSSB Occupational Health and Wellbeing Policy Group,  Association of Rail Industry Occupational Health Practitioners, Global Chief Medical Officer’s Network and UK Chief Medical Officer’s Network. He  also  holds a Level 1 Personal Track Safety Competence.

In  his  spare  time, he likes  all  things  creative  and enjoys  writing  screenplays,  directing  TV/Films  and  playing  Flute, Piano and Guitar.