Dr Richard Peters

An expert in the field of occupational Health And wellbeing

Alumni Article (Click on icon for link to the article)*


QE Barnet Alumni Feature

Music-lover and movie-maker Richard rises to become Chief Medical Officer at Network Rail.

Menopause at Work (Click on icon for link to the article)*


SOM/FOM campaigning for a healthier workforce

The number of Menopausal women in the workplace in increasing. So what are organisations doing about this? 

Skin Cancer Awareness*

Dr  Richard  Peters  was  medical advisor to AXA PPP on their cancer awareness campaign working with a marketing focus group to provide suitable medical ideas  that   became story boards before going to an external provider to design the video. His  cross experience in medicine and TV/Film came  in  useful  to  ensure  all medical aspects of the video were medically robust.

BBC City Hospital*

Dr Richard Peters directorial debut as a  features director for the daytime hospital  show.