Dr Richard Peters

An expert in the field of occupational Health And wellbeing


Network Rail

Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Ergonomics

Dr Richard Peters provides assurance to the Board, the company as a whole, the wider GB rail industry and regulators on all occupational health, wellbeing and ergonomic (OHWE) matters.  He works closely with both workforce and passenger safety teams to ensure a collaborative approach to the management of health and safety. He  define the strategic OHWE vision and leadership across the business, directing the implementation of recognised OHWE and safety programmes within the organisation to achieve compliance to statutory legislation, thereby reducing work related injury and associated ill health. He is a member of the Quality Health Safety Environment executive team and is recognised as a key safety post forming part of the Safety Technical and Engineering directorate. 

Since starting  in  post , on  1st  Feburary  2017,  Dr  Peters  has  managed  to  increase  the  visility  of  OHWE  across  the  business  to  support  the  vision  of  ‘Everyone  Fit  for  the  Future’.  With  Network  Rail  having   entered  a  new  Control  Period  (2019-2024),  a   new  OHWE strategy  has  now  been  published  to  support  business  requirements  and  a  devolving  organisation.     

The  CP6  ‘Back  to  Basics ‘  Occupational  Health  and  Wellbeing  strategy  focuses  on  5  core  areas:

  • Mental  Wellbeing
  • Compliance  to  statuatory legislation 
  • Optimisation  of  all  procured  health  services  
  • Data
  • Audit  and  Assurance

The  CP6  Ergonomic  strategy  focusses  on:

  • Manual  Handling
  • User  Workload  Predicitions
  • Development  of  a  suite  of  human  factor  standards  to  support  ergonomic  delivery  across  the  business  

With  exciting  times  ahead,  Dr  Peters  looks  forward  to  the  implementation  of  the  key elements   of  the  two  strategies.    

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